• Process Automation

    Distributed control system, industrial control application software, are widely used in environmental protection, water treatment, petroleum, petrochemical etc.

  • Equipment Automation

    The core product is the control system for high speed rapier loom, is widely used in textile industry, with solid structure, excellent speed regution performance and high start torque.

  • Condition Monitoring

    The core product is on-line monitoring and analysis system for wind turbine, improve the operation safety and reliablity of wind turbine.

  • Distributed Energy

    Provide mature automation solution for PV power plant , and also provide remote operation service and monitoring for customers.

  • Urban Eneygy Measurement

    Offer total solution for urban energy measurement, including water and gas remote metering system and the management software.

  • Thermal Energy Efficiency Management

    Automatic control system for boiler, environmental protection and energy saving, pipeline network monitoring, heat station and room’s temperature, improve heating energy efficiency, reduce emission, enhance the comfort.