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2005.09 Zhejiang Chitic Control Engineering Co.,Ltd established.

2006.04 Moves its operation to Chitic Science & Technology Park.

2007.03 Series special controllers products produced.

2008.05 Restructured and develops new business.

2009.06 ISO9000:2000 certification obtained.

2009.06 Certification of National Electronic Engineering Contractor Qualifications obtained.

2009.10 New chitic logo “Chitic>中自” used.

2009.10 The new generation of DCS ChiticCTS700 produced.

2009.12 Awarded “The Excellent Enterprise with High Social Responsibility of Hangzhou”.

2010.03 Becomes an advanced hi-tech enterprise of Hangzhou.

2010.13 Become an advanced hi-tech enterprise of Zhejiang Province.

2010.11 Chitc (Shanghai,Haerbin,Sichuan) ,Chitic King-Drive,Chitic Safe-WayNew Energy established .

2011.12 Chitic(Jinan,Xian,Taiyuan,Anhui) established.